I have a doubt. Akashi cutting his hair with his lieft hand up on his entrance.. Could it imply akashi is left handed…WOWOWOW. May be he is ambidextrous? Do you see that as a possiblity.? He does handle the ball with left hand sometimes..?


I definitely think he is ambidextrous!! So happy someone also feels this! I mean how else would he be able to cut that bangs that perfectly… Akashi plays many instruments like piano and violin, so it’s very likely both his hands are skilful.

He absolutely play basketball with both hands -my knowledge about this sport is limited but I suppose most players do this? 


But from many official art (even drawn by Fujimaki himself), Akashi’s chopstick-wielding hand is the right one:


somehow this becomes a post of Akashi eating with his friends ♡⊂( ´ ▽ ` )⊃

Akashi fluff with his younger sister💖


GoM and their younger siblings is my life, anon, which is why I have no idea why this turned out semi-angst, but it’s still kinda, a bit, fluffy? ;; This is during Akashi’s childhood ( age 8 ) and his sister is two years younger.


Seijuro was quietly sitting in his bedroom, doing homework when he heard voices of his parents arguing downstairs. He looked towards doors with a small frown. Biting his lower lip, he looked at his notebook once more, but his attention soon fell back at door when they opened. His eyes softened when he saw his younger sister, with red eyes on the verge of crying and shaking.

“S-Sei-nii…” She called with shaking voice.

Standing on his feet, homework now long forgotten, he reached out his hands and like wind, she was in his arms, sobbing. His heart ached every time she flinched when their father raised his voice. His eyes caught a worker, closing the doors, with sadness on her face, giving the two siblings privacy. He was thankful. They slowly walked towards his bed where they sat on, his arms warmly and protectively around her small form.

“Ah!” She suddenly pulled away, her eyes wide with horror and fear at the realization. “I-I’m sorry… Y-you were doing h-homework…” She stuttered and just when she tried to leave, he pulled her back in his embrace.

“Homework can wait.” He stated calmly.

“B-but d-father…” Her voice grew weak.

“I don’t care what father says.” He started. “You’re my sister and you mean to me more than school and company that father has.” His voice didn’t waver and he felt her grow smaller. “No matter how much father scolds you or tells you to not bother me, I don’t mind. If you need someone to hug you, you can always come to me. I’ll protect you.”

Her small arms held on his shirt as she hid her face in his chest, her sobs growing louder. He continued to hold her, hearing silent footsteps just outside the doors, knowing it was their mother. She didn’t walk in, but stood outside before he heard her footsteps decreasing into silence.

Once her sobs quieted down and she laid sleeping in his bed, her face stained with tears, he smiled and kissed her on the forehead before getting out of bed. He walked to the window, where a small stuffed bear was on. It was a gift from his mother, but his sister always liked it more than he did. Taking it in his hands, he walked back and laid it beside her, which she quickly held it, like she knew it was there, and hugged it tightly.

Seijuro had to hold back chuckle that threatened to escape. Knowing that she’ll be hungry and thirsty once she wakes up, he walked to doors and opened them just in moment one of the workers walked by.

“Seijuro-sama,” The woman, in middle fifties, stopped, lowering her head.

“Can you bring hot chocolate and some cookies for me and [Name] to my room, please?” He asked politely.

The woman smiled warmly. “Of course,” She replied and continued her way to the kitchen.

Closing the doors, he walked to table and took a book before going back to bed, where he climbed on and sat beside [Name]’s head. He wanted to have her under his gaze and attention, so he could know when she’ll wake up. He didn’t hear his parents arguing anymore, only silence that felt much more satisfying than anything.

If there was one thing he hated, it was seeing his sister cry and he will do anything to protect her.

extra game oreshi is my favorite akashi, but all akashi are wonderful! ❤️


some of us favoritize this one huh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

i was game when i saw these panels:

how can he be cool and handsome in one page and then turn into chibi kawaii like:

sometimes his eyes expressions can be this fierce…

and two seconds later giving these gentle smiles to his friends:

Extra Game Oreshi is art